The Spiritual Realm    Section 2

Deeply spiritual articles from around the world,  on Gifts of the Spirit, Spiritual Warfare in the Heavenly Realm, Praise Warfare  and so much more.. 




Reinhard Bonnke           Gasping for the Gospel             56



Prayer brings South African Miracle      

                                                               Eddy Tate                 60



The Spirit of the Age                     Tom Poulson                 63



Turning  into a Victor                   Morris Cerullo              66



Breaking down strongholds through Praise 

                                                          Cindy Jacobs                 69



A Psychologists experience of the Holy Spirit    

                                                          Dan Montgomery         74



Penetrating the bloodstream of a nation            

                                                   Dr Paul J McClendon          77



Acorn Christian Healing Trust           Jamie Jameson     83



Healing Drug Addicts                          Teen Challange      87



Why we need Miracles in evangelism                                                                                          Peter Gammons          91



Bombay  -  Spiritual Gateway to India

                                                Pastor Jerry  D'Souza            94



The Witness of the Spirit              David Wilkerson          97



Shaking the Nations                      Peter Gammons          101



A voice for the voiceless around the world                Stewart Windsor ...Christian Solidarity Int   ( CSI )      105





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  • Your Church -

Helping the homeless


Night Shelter Practicalities



Praise the Lord,  more and more ministries now let the homeless sleep in their church halls over winter. 


Depending on the venue the  'guests'  can be treated like royalty,  enjoying new clean designer clothes and bedwear provided daily, gormet food and heated floors to aid a decent nights sleep.


Coming soon... advice on those extra health & safety steps your church can take to ensure a healthy, happy homeless night shelter with minimum difficulties.




  •  Prince William and  Harry  commissioned and financed themselves,   a life sized  Princess Diana Memorial Sculpture which was  erected in Kensington Palace  Gardens in 2017.


 To celebrate,  LIGHT INTERNATIONAL looks back at her rather special visit to  Christian - run Rehabilitation Centre  Teen Challenge. 


Page 15 Visions & Creativity Section..



We are  delighted to present  LIGHT INTERNATIONAL - The Global Review of Christianity to the world once more in 2018 - an important time in our history...


A huge thanks for your patience while we upload more and more articles from the five sections of LIGHT INTERNATIONAL within the coming weeks.


The sections are:



    1. Business of Ministry


For pastors /ministers, curates, worship team members, church administrators, Junior Church teachers, church wardens and many others..


 Covers the day to day running of Churches in different parts of the world.


Includes  applications of sound technology, building resourses, flooring, heating, pews & seating,  communion wine.. the list goes on and on..


    2.  Ministry of Business


For business people... The I.C.C.C. International Christian Chamber of Commerce and others demonstrate  the miraculous new dimension of Jesus at work.


     3. Spiritual Realm


Deeply spiritual articles on gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.  Includes Spiritual and Praise Warfare, Intercession on a Global scale,  and  'forgotten' teachings like   'The Witness of the Spirit' by David Wilkerson.


   4. Visions & Creativity


Especially  gifted and often larger ministries sharing with us how our own faith and churches  can grow beyond belief...  Includes The Largest Sunday School in the World and The adoption of Third world orphans.


   5.  Lifestyle Faith & Fame


Billy Graham on how we should live our life,  lifestyle, including travel, and taking your church on a pilgrimage. World class sportsmen with faith and other celebrities etc sharing with us...


In Christian Service,




LIGHT INTERNATIONAL - The Global Review of Christianity 2018