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'The Role of Prophecy in Encouraging Vision'                                                             By Christine Darg                                                              

We were especially blessed when this article arrived, as Christine had written it several days before  David Falkus  requested it from her.... and  was praying:


   'Lord,  where do you want it to go?'




- The Global Review of Christianity



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LIGHT INTERNATIONAL appreciate new ad copy created especially for us. Shure were upgraded to our inside front cover when we saw this adorably cute cherub design! Well done Shure for the prettiest ad we've ever had!

The Business of Ministry Section.                                                        

Helping with the day to day running of your Church. 


Includes applications of sound technology in houses of worship.  


Churches are difficult acoustic environments with multiple singers, readers, musicians and  vicars expressing emotion by shouting,  then whispering through the same microphone, and feedback is common. 


So the products and services in this section could prove a godsend! 


As Georg Neumann say:


 ..This Message has remained steadfast for Centuries,


 'Don't let it be a victim of your sound system!'


(Pg 116 Business of Ministry)


Bernhard Langer - A Christian in Sport

Handling Money and Possessions

A Christian Perspective

Samantha Fox in Church


Church is for everyone, as Pastor Joel Osteen often quotes. 


But how inviting are our churches?


Holy Trinity Brompton, with their Alpha Course has welcomed Samantha Fox and countless other spiritual searchers,  and new or returning believers.  She had been attending HTB for over a year when this report was written,  a while back. 


  Let's not underestimate the huge positive or negative affect  we can have on those first time visitors.  Do we give the same welcome to everyone?  

Global Intercession brings down strongholds

Belfast's  David McDowel's ministry is Spiritual Warfare and Intercession - into 62 countries at the last count...

Breaking Down Strongholds through Praise

Cindy Jacobs teaches on 'Praise Warfare' -


"Suddenly the lady for whom they were praying began to weep.  She said the cloud of depression had lifted from her mind and for the first time in years her thoughts were clear....


How we rejoiced together at the goodness of God on her behalf!

Jesus at Work

By Peter Michell

A   Director of  The International  Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) and author of   'Faith At Work'  

As larger firms shed staff,   more and more Christians find themselves led into business on their own or in small groups.  This brings with it the need to understand God's principles as applied to business, particularly  entrepreneurism,  and the need for an active faith.


"I will pray and ask 

  the Lord to send us the £300,000 we need"  - Peter Michell

The largest Sunday School in the world? - Metro Assemblies of God, Brooklyn USA.                                                                                       Lisa Dolab                                                                   


Caring is key... with each pupil getting a regular lift to church in the minibus and a  weekly home visit from a dedicated Sunday School teacher! 


"A Sunday School Teacher must present his or her lesson with power and punch, as if it's the last time a child might ever hear the gospel.  We are fighting to reclaim our nation - and the hearts of its youth.'


-Pastor Bill Wilson

Metro Assemblies of God Brooklyn, New York

A Psychologist's experience of The Holy Spirit

''Have you had years of relaxation training?  ...Well I don't know how you account for it but your body and mind were as serene as a Zen Monk who's meditated for twenty years!'


- Tutor at medical school, measuring Dan Montgomery's brain wave patterns whilst thinking in tongues

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Jesus will return for a glorious church without blemish.  LIGHT INTERNATIONAL, you might have noticed,  takes the strengths from the various denominations or individual ministries and shares them with the body of Christ globally and others,  so we can all be sure we have    ' the race set before us..'  


'..that He might present to Himself the Church in all her glory,  having no spot or wrinkle or any such thing: but that she should be holy and blameless.

Ephesians 5 v 7


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  • Your Church -

Helping the homeless


Night Shelter Practicalities



Praise the Lord,  more and more ministries now let the homeless sleep in their church halls over winter. 


Depending on the venue the  'guests'  can be treated like royalty,  enjoying new clean designer clothes and bedwear provided daily, gormet food and heated floors to aid a decent nights sleep.


Coming soon... advice on those extra health & safety steps your church can take to ensure a healthy, happy homeless night shelter with minimum difficulties.




  •  Prince William and  Harry  commissioned and financed themselves,   a life sized  Princess Diana Memorial Sculpture which was  erected in Kensington Palace  Gardens in 2017.


 To celebrate,  LIGHT INTERNATIONAL looks back at her rather special visit to  Christian - run Rehabilitation Centre  Teen Challenge. 


Page 15 Visions & Creativity Section..



We are  delighted to present  LIGHT INTERNATIONAL - The Global Review of Christianity to the world once more in 2018 - an important time in our history...


A huge thanks for your patience while we upload more and more articles from the five sections of LIGHT INTERNATIONAL within the coming weeks.


The sections are:



    1. Business of Ministry


For pastors /ministers, curates, worship team members, church administrators, Junior Church teachers, church wardens and many others..


 Covers the day to day running of Churches in different parts of the world.


Includes  applications of sound technology, building resourses, flooring, heating, pews & seating,  communion wine.. the list goes on and on..


    2.  Ministry of Business


For business people... The I.C.C.C. International Christian Chamber of Commerce and others demonstrate  the miraculous new dimension of Jesus at work.


     3. Spiritual Realm


Deeply spiritual articles on gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.  Includes Spiritual and Praise Warfare, Intercession on a Global scale,  and  'forgotten' teachings like   'The Witness of the Spirit' by David Wilkerson.


   4. Visions & Creativity


Especially  gifted and often larger ministries sharing with us how our own faith and churches  can grow beyond belief...  Includes The Largest Sunday School in the World and The adoption of Third world orphans.


   5.  Lifestyle Faith & Fame


Billy Graham on how we should live our life,  lifestyle, including travel, and taking your church on a pilgrimage. World class sportsmen with faith and other celebrities etc sharing with us...


In Christian Service,




LIGHT INTERNATIONAL - The Global Review of Christianity 2018